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On the edge of crypto-markets

Omniunit Group is a modern technology company that combines investment banking experience with innovations in decentralized blockchain technology. The company's main objective is to create a high-quality ecosystem for global worldwide payments and  investing in crypto markets. 


About Omniunit eco-system

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Send instant payments worldwide with minimal fees with Omniunit Cash.
Create or use your own investment tools based on the Omniunit eco-system.


400 times faster than bitcoin



30-45 min



5-15 min


Omniunit Cash

2-3 sec

Comission fee

18-40 USD

25-50 USD

0,003-0,01 USD

Transaction speed


Growing regulatory pressure and the loss of banking confidentiality are the reasons why banks have become "compliance institutions". which has largely outstripped business demand for secure and fast payment systems. The high load on Bitcoin and Etherium networks made transfers slow and expensive. Transactions in BTC take up to 30 minutes, and because of the boom in Etherium projects, the cost of transfer fees reaches $50 and higher, which makes them unsuitable for mass payments. Omniunit Cash will meet this demand by providing a fast and secure blockchain-based payment system. Omniunit Cash will be an innovative solution for businesses as well as a solution for millions of people all over the world. 


As a solution to this problem, Omniunit Cash uses "Etherium Plasma".

The basic idea behind Etherium Plasma is to create a side-chain framework that interacts as little as possible with the main chain (in this case, Etherium). Such a framework is designed to work as a blockchain tree, which is organized in such a way that many small chains can be created on top of the main chain. These small chains are also referred to as Plasma Chains or Small Chains.

This solution is presented as a Matic POS bridge and Omniunit Multy-bridge. The POS bridge is essentially a set of smart contracts that help in moving assets from the root chain to the "small" chain. Thus, all transactions will be made in the Matic network hundreds of times cheaper and faster, while still being able to interact with the main Etherium network if necessary! This technology reduces transactions from $20-40 per transaction to hundreds of cents, which solves the scaling problem.

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Omniunit Multi-bridge

It is a protocol that allows independent blockchains to be linked together to achieve the highest transaction speed while maintaining the lowest transaction cost. The protocol is also based on multi-pools, which in turn increases the fault tolerance and high level of liquidity of digital assets in the Omniunit Cash eco-system.

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Sphere wallet

Mobile Sphere Wallet will be a reliable tool for you to work with payments around the world!

Our application will be notable for wide functionality and user-friendly interface. Make payments, invest and store cryptocurrencies - in a single touch!

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Become an investor

Become an investor by participating in the Omniunit Cash token sale. The token sale consists of three stages during which tokens will be sold for 0.05 , 0.10 and 0.15 cents before going on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges!

Omniunit Cash
Whitepaper (ENG)

Omniunit Cash
Whitepaper (RUS)

Omniunit Cash pre-sale

80,000,000 OMCH

I round: 1 OMCH= 0,05 usd


II round: 1 OMCH= 0,10 usd


III round: 1 OMCH= 0,15 usd


Omniunit Cash Features on Binance Smart Chain

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Trade tokenized OMCHF futures before the OMCH token goes public!
Omniunit Cash Features are implemented on the blockchain of the largest cryptocurrency exchange - Binance Smart Chain. It is one of the base tokens of the Omniunit Cash payment ecosystem. Thanks to the multi-bridge protocol, it will be used in cross-platform trading of tokenized assets. The token will be used in the Omniunit-DEX exchange and the SPHERE wallet. On the basis of OMCHF token users will be able to create their own trading instruments for margin trading using it as collateral.

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Who We Are


Eugene Nazaretyan

CEO , Founder Omniunit Group

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Nelly Wong

Blockchain DEV, Co-founder Omniunit Group

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Alex Bazhenov

Director of Marketing and Public Relations

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Certificate of incorporation