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VinDAX Lists Omniunit (OMNIUNIT) on 2021

About Omniunit

On the edge of crypto-markets

Omniunit Group is a modern technology company that combines investment banking experience with innovations in decentralized blockchain technology. The company's main objective is to create a high-quality ecosystem for those wishing to invest in crypto markets. 


Our products

Omniunit coin

Find out more about Omniunit coin

Omniunit staking

Earn passive income up to 200% annualy with Omniunit staking

Omniunit Cloud-Mining

Place your funds in our mining pool and get regular rewards in Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies!

Omniunit-DEX (Beta)

Omniunit-DEX is a ERC20 platform for trading cryptocurrencies!

Contact us now and get bonus on your first deposit!

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Who We Are

Eugene Nazaretyan

CEO , Founder Omniunit Group

Nelly Wong

Blockchain DEV, Co-founder Omniunit Group

Alex Bazhenov

Director of Marketing and Public Relations

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