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Get passive income from Omniunit on dozens of exchanges around the world !




About Omniunit

Omniunit ltd. - is a modern company, whose main activity is creation of automatic algorithms for earning on financial markets. One of our main achievements is the creation of an automatic eco-system called Omniunit cloud-mining, which allows earning regular income. 

We provide our clients with a flexible system of plans, which allows you to earn from a small amount of $ 100, and to place large deposits up to $ 100000.

All you need to do is choose the right plan, pay for a subscription and get a personal digital wallet to earn money.

Our algorithms are highly effective because they combine the use of neural networks and machine learning. Protected by crypto encryption.

Our main goal is to make earnings in the digital asset market accessible to everyone. To help improve the financial situation, including in countries where ordinary people do not have access to stock exchanges!
Modern stock exchange trading requires a lot of capital and expertise. With Omniunit, you do not need to be a professional investor. The algorithm will do everything for you! Just relax and watch your money work for you!


What is Cloud Mining ?


Cloud Mining is a digital asset mining process using a remote data center with total processing power. This type of cloud mining allows users to earn passive income on daily basis.

Omniunit eco-system allows to multiply your funds. All you need to do is to buy subscribtion plan to receive regular rewards.



90 days H.E.X.A. algoritm subscription
ROI: 110%
Minimum deposit: 1000$


60 days H.E.X.A. algoritm subscription
Earnings: 50%
Minimum deposit: 500$


30 days H.E.X.A. algoritm subscription
Earnings: 20%
Minimum deposit: 100$

How to start


Contact us buy

filling contact form at the bottom of the site


Our managers

will help you to

choose best

cloud-minig plan

and make a 



Pay for you plan

in a convenient way

Get wallet

Gett access to your private , secure wallet

with cloud-mining algorithm

Get profit

Exechange your rewards at the end of the plan period

Contact us now !



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Blockchain security protocols

Opportunity to earn on the growth of token value

Ability to constantly earn on cloud mining


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