Omniunit Cloud-Mining

Place your funds in our cloud-mining pool and get regular rewards in more than 30 cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BCH, etc.

Access to the mining pool is available to investors from 1000 usdt and above, having an active deposit in Omniunit staking

Buy Omniunit

Buy Omniunit coin with ETH from  your MetaMask or use WAVES with Waves Keeper. Also if you are a biginner in crypto , you can use our exechanger from credit card to - crypto.




WAVES Keeper

Deposit your ETH 0x735427fC12Ef5e3827f0b9FBe188AB0D73305603

Deposit your WAVES 3PEY23o9XCEdRmpm6km2BVmJYeyTRikfFhn

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Exchanger card-crypto

Use our exechanger to buy crypto from your credit card

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