Omniunit Mission

    Not even thirty years have passed since the beginning of the mass spread of personal computers, mobile communications, smartphones, and social networks. In those years, the world has changed in a way that it has not changed in centuries. Where once information was synonymous with the word "knowledge," now it has become a habitat. Modern man lives in an ever-increasing stream of analytical data, contradictory expert opinions, and paid-for news stories. Information has become a powerful tool for manipulating motivations.

    In just three decades, freedom of choice has become a euphemism - now our preferences are directly dependent on so-called opinion leaders and contextual advertising, which we ourselves fuel with our own search queries, history of visiting websites and groups in social networks. It turned out that the availability and abundance of information does not reduce the distance from the idea to the result, but even more confusing by the constant need to choose, the price of which is a serious financial loss.

    That's why now, so relevant, it's vital to have companies like Omniunit. We came into this world with the now banal and unpopular desire to make the world a better place, to show that business should and can be honest, that a broad horizon of possibilities is a reality that everyone can reach, without risking either peace of mind or well-being.

    Omniunit is a state-of-the-art technology company that combines investment banking expertise with innovations in decentralized blockchain technology. Our main practical goal is to create and operate an innovative financial ecosystem that includes new investment tools.

    Company Executives

    team of professionals with extensive experience.
    Eugene Nazaretyan
    Eugene Nazaretyan/ CEO & Founder /
    The most important person in our company. His ideas and personal example inspire us only to move forward.
    Nellie Wong
    Nellie Wong/ CTO & Co-Founder /
    The head of our developers. Her skillful leadership turns any boldest ideas into a great business products.
    Max Greenberg
    Max Greenberg/ CSPO /
    The most serious person in our team. It can't be helped - specialization is an obligation.
    Alex Bazhenov
    Alex Bazhenov/ СМО /
    He was brought into marketing by Elon Musk himself. He is like the last stage of the rocket that takes our company into high orbit.

    Certificate of incorporation

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