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    Omniunit Cash

    Omniunit Cash is one of the base tokens of the Omniunit ecosystem. The token is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is intended both for making payments within the Omniunit Pay payment system and for paying fees when using the ecosystem's products. Omniunit Cash is an investment vehicle. Investors purchase tokens for further sale on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

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    Omniunit Financial Box

    A stand-alone system that includes a set of relevant financial and communication tools based on the secure Omniunit OS. The main task is to provide comfort and security when working with digital assets via the Internet.

    Omniunit OS - a fully functional operating system of Linux family focused primarily on the work with Flatpak applications, which provide even greater security than traditional Linux-based applications, since their main feature is the execution of operations in an isolated environment.

    Omniunit Financial Box can be installed on your computer as a second independent operating system, as well as inside the virtual environment of such software products as Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, VirtualBox in the familiar to many, but not safe - due to the large number of viruses - Windows environment. Or you can purchase a pre-installed system from us. The product is currently in the final stages of development.


    Omniunit Pay

    A fast, feature-rich blockchain-based payment system. Omniunit Pay uses plasma circuits as the underlying solution, significantly increasing speed and reducing transaction fees by tens of times.

    The main advantages of Omniunit Pay over its classic counterparts are: higher security threshold, low transaction fees, fault tolerance, compatibility with a wide range of financial instruments, and intuitive functionality. Omniunit Pay is an efficient next-generation service designed for payments by private and corporate users. A specialized solution is planned for the use of Omniunit Pay in the banking sector.



    Sphere is an international exchange for trading digital assets. Sphere gives its clients an opportunity to buy, store and trade cryptocurrency and tokenized instruments. The site is equipped with a rich actual toolkit for effective work. It is worth noting separately such as - automated strategies builder, social trading module, which includes the ability to track transactions of opinion leaders, market analytics, participate in structured products, customize the trading terminal for specific tasks. We're giving special attention to the security of the product. At the moment Sphere is in the final stage of development. Exchange tools will become a part of Omniunit Financial Box ecosystem.


    Sphere Wallet

    Sphere Wallet is an electronic wallet in the form-factor of mobile application for IOS and Android, which allows to store digital assets and make payments. Functionality of Sphere Wallet: replenishment and storage of digital assets, making payments, user balance value display, if necessary - in major world currencies, in accordance with current market rates. Storage of transaction history and many more.

    Security of users' digital assets is provided by the most advanced encryption methods and a variety of available authentication methods: two-factor authentication, Face-ID, Touch-ID, Pattern Lock etc.

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